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August 28, 2015

Don’t “Untag” Yourself

IMG_3797Recently someone posted a picture of me on Facebook that “I” felt was very unflattering. The picture was taken of me going all out in a 250 meter sprint on a rowing machine. The photo not only caught my intensity, it also caught my belly.


It was Saturday night and I was sitting on the couch with my fourteen-year-old nephew and when this picture popped up my initial reaction was: OH SHIT!


My nephew, hearing this, looked at me and said,  “Aunt Jenny: Don’t you tell everyone you have to OWN IT and LOVE the body you have?”

The kid was 100% right.

Because in real life, there are NO filters, there is NO photoshop. There are just real people.

Some days, you are going to feel amazing- power stance- hell yeah- I look INCREDIBLE in my swimsuit and some days you are going to feel bloated, slow, crabby and someone is going to snap a bad angle of you.

If we are willing to post pictures of ourselves at our best, than we’ve got to own it when something pops up that triggers our insecurities. Truly accepting your body means, you accept and celebrate yourself at your best and– even more importantly– when you’re not at your best.

I believe people really see and feel when another person is confident, no matter how much they weigh or what angle their picture is taken from. Our confidence grows when we accept the good days and the bad days and just roll with them. It’s all about not dwelling on the days when we’re not “selfie” ready.

My whole philosophy and what I believe and teach my clients, is this: you have to respect and love the person you see in the mirror in all your glory and all your flaws everyday.

So I looked again at that picture of myself. This was a picture of me being active and doing something that makes me feel strong, clear-headed, and crazy happy.

At the moment the picture was taken, I was totally in the moment and LOVING IT.

My friend Shem, who took and posted the picture (and who got a text from me that said, simply #WTF?) told me that he had posted this particular shot of me because he loved how buff my arms looked. #Mindblown. Belly? What Belly? He hadn’t even noticed.

We don’t always see what other people see yet we are always the first ones to tear ourselves apart and be our own biggest bully.

So here’s to my nephew and my friend Shem for helping me get my mind right: it doesn’t matter if someone posts a picture of me rocking a bikini or going all out in the gym—it’s all good, because it’s all me. The real, unfiltered, unphotoshopped, totally awesome me.

There was no way I’d untag this photo. Instead, I’m posting it!

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April 6, 2015

Be Your Biggest Fan! How to Start Appreciating YOU!

I am always AMAZED on a daily basis how we celebrate and applaud OTHER people’s achievements, success and accomplishments, but notice that we DON’T do that for ourselves!


This past weekend I spent Sunday morning warming up and cheering on over 6,000 women at the She.Is.Beautiful 5k/10k. I was AMAZED at the finish line; when I would say, “YOU ARE AWESOME, GREAT JOB, YOU JUST DID A 5k/10k,” there were an incredible amount of people who looked at me and said, “Well I walked some of it,” or “I was slow.”




Then I would watch them turn to a friend and say, “But YOU did a great job!” “ You’re AMAZING!”


What is that all about?  Why do we downplay the AWESOME things we do? Why do we feel the need to put a negative thought with a positive action?


What if we replaced “oh I walked”  with “It doesn’t matter how long that took me, I’m going faster than the person who didn’t show up!”


What if we were actually proud of ourselves for getting out of bed, for NOT make excuses and showing up and actually having a good time? What if we ended at that? With positive thoughts about our positive actions? What if there was no BUT after your positive words?  What if there was just a PERIOD……WHAT IF?


I Love Me Written inside a Heart Drawn in Sand


How many times have you done something great for yourself? You’ve signed up for a race, gotten a promotion or done something nice for your friend or spouse, yet you follow it up with a reason to beat yourself up. I should have gone faster, worked harder or done something differently.

This stops NOW. My challenge for you is to take ONE minute every day for the next 7 days to for YOU – to celebrate and applaud YOUR accomplishments – no matter how big or small. Today is the day you stop downplaying your AWESOMENESS!


1. Every morning start your day with 1 positive thought while you take a minute to stretch.

– Today is going to be a great day

– Today is MY day; I’m going to make it a great one

– Today I will NOT make any excuses


2. Follow your POSITIVE thought with a Deep Cleansing Breath (like this).

I want you to take in the POSITIVE and let go of the NEGATIVE


3. Be Present TODAY.

Realize that TODAY and EVERYDAY is new. You have a choice in what kind of day this will be. So TODAY be your BEST self and take a minute to say GOOD JOB to your one and only SELF.

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February 11, 2015

Santa Barbara loves Gracie!!



Behold the Power of Santa Barbara. Yesterday Morning Over 200 people came together for a local teen who has become Paralyzed. Vendors came out, DJ, Photographer, families, Friends, Kids & In 1 hour we Raised $4,567!!!! I’m in AWE of this Town.

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