I had (LATE) postpartum depression.

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I had postpartum depression and it didn’t look like what I thought it would. As a new mom with twin girls who are now one years old,  I will tell you nothing can prepare you for those first four months with your first child. I think we all have a little postpartum during those months, some just more or less than others. I believe postpartum is a very real thing that is very common and not talked about enough. While I believe this, I didn’t think I was suffering from it so I wasn’t able to really talk about it. I…

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Finding Hope in Your Safe Haven

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A beautiful story written by Ms. Katie Booser, a 4th grade teacher at Franklin Elementary School in Santa Barbara. Finding Hope “I challenge you all to get up and move 5 minutes a day…”  was the simple video message that changed my life. Jenny Schatzle was someone who I had heard about and followed on social media for a while. I had never actually met her, but had many friends who told me what a bright light she was in their life. They described her as a positive, full-of-energy woman who would get you up and moving any time of…

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Going Back To Work After Babies Is Harder Than I Thought

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It is so hard to go back to work after having a baby. I will be honest, I never related to the word “mother” or “wife.” I am a businesswoman, an entrepreneur, a hustler. I never understood a stay at home mom. In my mind the craziest thing a woman could want to do is stay at home with her kids. When I got married I told my husband, “if you’re looking for a stay at home mom who cooks and cleans and watches the babies I am not that person.” That was not going to be me, no way,…

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