Why I quit dieting.


  • Melissa says:

    Cannot LOVE this enough!!!!! Thank you for being you!

    • Jenny Schatzle says:

      Right back at you, Thank you for reading, commenting and BEING YOU TOO!!

  • Christine F says:

    Love this message! Thank you!

  • Julie says:

    Thank you dear Jenny! Love you right back!

  • Sonia Diaz-Ebadi says:

    So in love with this message and YOU!! ❤️

  • Michelle says:

    Hey Jenny,thanks for this ,haven’t heard from you in a while.Great message,they should have posters in high schools (of you & your message) it would help so many! get ready for their lives.⛹ I here your family is getting bigger, much love! to you both,oh the places you will go.. M

    • Jenny Schatzle says:

      AWE! Love you thank you so much for this message. The family is growing and so is our need to educate the young, I couldn’t agree with you more! Keep checking in love hearing from you!

  • Robin says:

    Love, love, love this…

  • Jenny–you are going to be the best mother and roll model for those little babies. I wish this message could be a part of every high school curriculum
    in America. (It actually starts much earlier than that, I am afraid.) Keep it going….

    • Jenny Schatzle says:

      I love you , thank you so much! You and Jim and definitely role models for me!

  • Rachel says:

    Great article and as a twin mom of 2 daughters I am so passionate to teach them the right way to eat, have fun with excercise and have positive self esteem no matter what so they don’t have to suffer the issues I have/had. Congratulations on your pregnancy and take excellent care of yourself- growing 2 humans is amazing and exhausting. Check out Santa Barbara parents of multiples, they are amazing/real parents with twins who can answer any questions you have !!

  • Berta Mosiman says:

    Jenny – your mom and Aunt Sue and I are going to tackle 6 inches of fresh powder on the mountain this morning. We are feeling good. We love our bodies and we are going to go for it! Love your positive messages. Congratulations to you both on your exciting news. The twins will change your life for the better. Luv ya, Berta Mosiman

    • Jenny Schatzle says:

      I love that you read my blogs THANK YOU!! I saw some pictures I hope you had a great week hanging with my favorite person!! Love you ladies are still at it! -Jenny

  • Julie Koonce says:

    Thank you for being you and be willing to share you so we can all learn openly and with our heads held high

    • Jenny Schatzle says:

      Right back at you Julie! I just think the world of you, talk about an inspiration and head held high THANK YOU for being someone in my life who motivates me! Let’s keep it going sister!

  • Julie Miriani says:

    Very inspirational message – thank you.

  • Espie Carr says:

    Amen! Good and Good! ❤❤

  • Kathy Rau says:

    Saw you at the SIB on Sunday. Appreciate you so much, and really taking your message to heart. You are talking to me. Don’t stop doing what you do, you make such a difference!

  • Jesse says:

    Jenny, I like elements of your message, but with an adult obesity rate north of 35% in many states, I’m saying looking in the mirror, or on the scale, and convincing yourself all is well when your 40lbs overweight sounds like a Tim Robbins life hack.

    Earlier you say, “we need to realize we are not fat, tired, and out of shape.” Really, why in much of the country are 35% of adults obese. There are corner cases, but OBESITY IS THE NUMBER ONE HEALTH PROBLEM IN AMERICA.” So, we look in the mirror and should love our fat selves that will die sooner, have a lower quality of life, mostly because they accepted their obesity and gave up?

    What happened to eat less, workout and see results? Calories in minus calories out remains the most proven weight loss technique. It’s math. You eat 1,500 rather than 2.000 calories a day and after a month you’ll lose weight.

    I’ve know Jenny and her older bro since she was five or six years old—we grew up a few bays away on Lake Minnetonka. I like and respect her and she’s done amazing things for herself and the SB community. I hope I didn’t sound too harsh. This is a key topic and hopefully respectful debate is welcome.

    • Jenny Schatzle says:

      Great to hear from you and I appreciate you taking the time to comment. The problem here and the actual “life hack” in our society is the diet.  The obesity epidemic, especially child obesity, became the highest problem in the 80’s when we started low-fat diets and created a culture that instructed us to stop listening to our bodies and start buying “Healthy” snack-well cookies. We having been taking real ingredients out of food and adding chemicals to make them appealing for a society that now believes they need to be on a diet to lose weight. 

      Generally, “calories in calories out” isn’t that easy because most don’t look at the root cause of why they are 40 pounds overweight. Food doesn’t make you gain weight, HABITS do. There are two reasons why we overeat and gain weight: it’s physical, which means we have deprived our bodies of the nutrients it needs by restricting so we binge (which is related to the habit of yo-yo dieting) or it’s psychological. Food for many people is a tool to mask or avoid emotions and we use it for everything: to celebrate, for sadness, frustration, loneliness, and so on, instead of facing what’s really going on in our lives and sitting through the pain. This leads to being disconnected from our eating habits, which leads to overeating habits and weight gain. 

       As we have become a more health conscious society, we have actually become unhealthier.  A recent document titled, embraced stated 50% of girls ages 5-12 are now on a diet and 91% of women hate their bodies. Young girls are learning to be self-conscious, feel body shame, diet, and hate the body they see in the mirror. They hear and see their parents talking about their bodies, stepping on the scale every morning, and speaking of their lives in a negative way, and so they take that on.

      Loving who you are and becoming comfortable with the body you have, and saying “I AM AWESOME, I AM FIT, I AM SMART, I AM BEAUTIFUL, I AM HANDSOME and I’m not going to let a number on the scale define my happiness” isn’t permission to overeat. It’s giving people the boost they need to realize they are enough. And once you realize the body you have is the one you were blessed with, you want to take care of it. Walking around saying I’m fat, tired, and out of shape usually doesn’t push people to make a change, instead it keeps people in you a down ward spiral of shame and guilt and we have made it acceptable for people to talk this way. Body shaming yourself doesn’t make you feel better about yourself and inspire a life change.

      I am leading by example. I am trying to disrupt society and let the world know that losing 40 pounds doesn’t equal happiness. In fact, not being obese doesn’t mean you’re healthy either. I am teaching my peers and the young generation that we have to get back to listening and loving our bodies.

      I believe walking around saying POSITIVE mantras about who we are makes a difference, not only in our own lives and energy but in the lives of the people around us. I believe staying present in where you are today and not holding shame and resentment about food or your body is when we learn to take power away from food and place it back in own lives.  

      When we workout because it feels good both physically and mentally, we actually start enjoying movement and want to do it more often. It’s been proven that being obsessed with calories and forcing yourself to run a certain amount of miles every day doesn’t work, and it definitely doesn’t make people happy. I do believe we need to step off the scale, look in the mirror, and tell ourselves we are amazing. We are alive and living, and the longest relationship we will ever have is the one we have with ourselves and our own body and so we need to take care of it. 

      I know you live in Santa Barbara and you have never taken a class and gotten the full Jenny Schatzle experience! I would LOVE to invite you in for a class so I can give you a hug and you can experience our movement both physically and mentally firsthand! What day and time works for you? I am excited to see you! 

      Thank you again for taking the time to read my blog, comment, and share you opinion!