My life is now LABEL-FREE.

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  • Rosario Terrazas says:

    Thank you beautiful! That is so inspiring and so realistic for most of us! I would say that the vast majority of us need something that is real, doable and puts us in control! What I’ve learned with the many of “diets,” that I have been on is that it is all about portion control and exercise! I started my first official “diet,” when I was in fourth grade, it consisted of uppers prescribed by my doctor, boiled hotdogs, hard boiled eggs, pineapple slices and carrots. That REALLY helped! Over the years I managed to balloon up to over 400 pounds, I guess I ate a little too many boiled hotdogs!
    Thank you for being you and for always being real, that is why we all LOVE you! I have a daughter that is 5 foot one and weighs under 100 pounds on any given day, I have a son who is 5 foot one and weighs quite a bit more, I want him to be realistic and his expectations, he is an athlete and when you see him on the baseball field you see that he obviously is over his desired weight but when he runs the bases, when I look up and see him on first base and 20 seconds later he’s sliding in at home, I know I have an athlete on my hands. The best I can do is educate them and hope that they listen and saying what you just said is a pretty good example!

    • Jenny Schatzle says:

      I believe in you girl and you are a shinning example for those kids, you are breaking the toxic cycle in your family! Shine like the star you are and keep reaffirming those positive affirmations and talk into those little ones. Love you so much thank you for sharing this comment with all of us!

  • allison says:

    Thanks, Jenny! Love your message here. I agree that our bodies have their own intelligence and regulatory system. We just need to tune our ear and trust what we’re hearing.

  • Christine Foster says:

    Awesome! Thank you. Your blog topic is “on point” and I love that you share your truth with us!

    • Jenny Schatzle says:

      You know how much I love you Christine! Thank you for continuing to support our movement and always reading and commenting on the blogs it means so much to me!

  • Hogan says:

    While I appreciate the positivity and I agree that it is unhealthy to restrict calories or otherwise obsess over body image to the point of inducing eating disorders, certain foods do carry with them both short and long term health risks, as well as ethical consequences that cannot be overlooked simply because we want to avoid “labeling”.
    Dairy, meat, and eggs are all foods that come from extreme cruelty and death of other sentient beings, and those same “foods” also are scientifically proven to contribute to a greater risk for all cause mortality, including 14 of the top 15 causes of death in the US. Heart disease, the number one cause of death, for instance, is a chronic disease that sets in over time, you cannot exercise your way out of it, and is a direct result of atherosclerotic plaque that sets in as a result of eating saturated fat and cholesterol found exclusively in animal products. Dairy is also scientifically proven in laboratory studies and population studies to significantly increase the risk of breast cancer, ovarian cancer, and prostate cancer. All animal products contribute to a much higher risk of diseases like pancreatic cancer, diabetes, stroke, and Alzheimer’s.
    Why not promote the same message (i.e. no restricting calories, no good food/bad food, no obsession over macronutrient percentages) but also encourage your devoted followers to simply abandon those products that might cause them an early death, and contribute to great suffering of animals and environmental devastation along the way? You can have your cake and eat it too… just realize that the worst foods for your own body also happen to be the worst foods for the planet and for the animals that desperately just want to live and be free. You don’t have to give up flavor or splurging or anything you love about food. Compassion, which is one part of what the JS Movement is all about, can and should be an integral part of a healthy and longevity promoting diet. =)

    • Jenny Schatzle says:

      Thank you so much for taking the time to read and comment on my blog! I am just going to be honest here, I write my blogs from my own personal experiences and I could not be authentically who I am and write about not eating dairy, meat or eggs because I eat those things. I respect all people and whatever they chose to eat or not eat. I could never tell people to do something I don’t do myself! The extreme health risks involved with food, yes I do believe come from being overweight but I believe food doesn’t make you overweight HABITS do. I believe you can have compassion for all things and still have dairy! I do believe I am an integral part of health and longevity by helping people take their lives back and finding their own power. Whether that is in a more positive body image or stepping off the scale and stopping the obsessive diet cycle and getting back to listening and trusting their own bodies.

      This is the beauty of the times we live in we can have an awesome conversation, not always agree on every level but still have compassion and respect for one another. I love your passion and what I suggest is starting your own blog and newsletter and get your powerful message out to the world! I have a handful of friends who are on the same path as you and have started their own movements you should look them up: The slant on (Justine Hamilton). Basking in (Emma Hamilton.) and (Susan Moe she’s one green smoothie on Instagram).
      Sending you so much love, energy and compassion,

  • Murielle says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this Jenny! I am French and in the country of cheese and meat (and wine), we are trained to love fat at an early age and to despise it when we become adult women. Perfect case of hysteria…Anyways, I adopted the “veganitude” as I like to call it 2 months ago for many valid and fashionable reasons and after a while, tired of considering my body as a political instrument and depriving it of the experience of joyful eating, I decided I would do my own thing about food and how I relate to it, which is allowing me to enjoy greens, beans, and vegetables as much as meat, fish, and dairies. But in a healthier way, that is with thoughts of appreciation for the variety and the abundance of food at my disposal. Yes, animals are sentient beings but I am sure that one day, we will discover that lettuces and avocados are sentient too. Life eats life because life is life. Period. And life is this mysterious force that keeps supporting all that is without judging it. Our planet could discriminate human beings the way we actually discriminate food because, at many levels, our global attitude toward her is harmful to her. Yet she doesn’t. She supports our lives unconditionally by providing an abundance of sun, air, plants and, yes, meat. Thank you, thank you for this post.

    • Jenny Schatzle says:

      THANK YOU beyond words for this beautiful insight. Sidebar, YOU are an incredible writer you gave me goosebumps!
      Please keep responding to these blogs, I love what you have to say!

  • Angela says:

    So powerful! A vegan non-drinking friend recently hosted a yoga training in an underdeveloped country. The locals graciously hosted a dinner – and before it started almost every single person didn’t take something announcing their restriction “i’m gluten free” “i don’t eat dairy” “i don’t eat meat” and so on. And it struck her – how confused the locals were about their food restrictions and how arrogant it seemed to have the luxury to have a food restriction. She choose to participate in the meal fully and completely and has not looked back. It would have been different if they said, I don’t care for meat perhaps…. not sure!

    • Jenny Schatzle says:

      Another beautiful insightful comment thank you so much for this perspective!

  • Jayne sigman says:

    This is great. I listened to your food webinar on Facebook and what stood out to me so much is the label thing. Like especially raising my son, I always figured I would ONLY have healthy food in my house so he would grow up “being” healthy. When the dietician said “kids shouldn’t know what is good food or bad food, it’s not their responsibility.” Like me only having healthy food in the house IS restricting! Never occurred to me that way. Another good line “there’s no good or bad food. Some food has high nutritional value, some have less. That’s it” anyway, thanks!!