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A Challenge That Changed A Community #SpreadTheLove

By May 17, 2017February 19th, 2018Community, Fitness

Regardless of how you feel about social media, it’s here, it’s part of our lives and let’s be honest we may say we hate it… but we are all still looking at it!

A couple of weeks ago I had enough while looking through my newsfeed. Seeing nothing but negativity, people arguing with one another, endless stories about everything that is going wrong in the world and all the hatred people have for one another. How do people have so much time on their hands to be fighting with one another on Instagram and seriously has anyone ever changed another person’s opinion on Facebook?

I worry about where social media will be in the future, will children even talk to one another in person? Will the whole world be divided based on what they are strong enough to say sitting behind a computer but would never actually say to someone’s face?

I realized if I wanted to see a change, I need to make a change, so I took action. Last Friday we handed out flowers to EVERYONE who showed up to our gym. I told everyone, “We are giving you this flower because we are grateful for you.”

I then asked if they felt good about just receiving a flower that they then go and give the second flower to someone else. They could give it to their spouse, kids, co-workers or a complete stranger. I wanted them to leave the gym and make someone else’s day!

I also asked them to take it a step further, take a picture with that person and post it on their social media. I know it was a bit selfish, but I wanted to see ONLY positive stories that weekend filling my newsfeed. So I asked them to take a picture with the person they gave the flower to, tag me (@jennyschatzle) and hashtag #SpreadTheLove. I had no idea what would prosper over the weekend:

Sabrina came up to me after class and told me she was struggling because it was Mother’s day weekend, she lost her mother three years ago, and they were very close. I told her that she could still talk to your mom, tell her that you love her and appreciate her even if she isn’t physically here. Sabrina left the gym took her flower straight to her mother’s grave and sent me this picture with #SpreadTheLove and let me know she had a great conversation with her mom.

Barbara comes to work-out EVERY morning, left our facility and walked next door (which is a bar) went inside at 9 am and gave her flower to the woman who she always notices cleaning the bar in the morning and told her “I notice you, and thank you.”

Daniela went home, grabbed her kids, and as a family they brought the flower to their elementary school cafeteria cook who serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner to hundreds of students every day. Daniela told me the next day the cook was so happy she shed a tear! Her boys said, “Mom we should do this all the time let’s go get a bunch more flowers.”

We all have the ability and power to make this world a better place. The smallest gesture can make the greatest impact in someone’s life.

I get it, and I feel it too, that what we read and see on social media can be overwhelming, upsetting and weigh heavy on all our lives. But if we take just one step every day — to be kinder to one another, to notice people tell someone you see them and you’re grateful for them, when realize we don’t need a reason to be nice to someone — we can make a difference.

I am creating a movement on so many levels, and this one is about spreading the LOVE, the KINDNESS and the POSITIVITY. That is what I want to see on social media. It’s what I want my kids to see, my coworkers, my family.  We have the ability to be kind to one another. I say we start using that ability more often and #SpreadTheLove!

Thank you for continuing to allow me to share my thoughts, actions, and movement with all of you. I love you, and I am grateful for each and every one of you.





  • Judy Foreman says:

    You continue to inspire with love and positivity.
    You are a gift to this world .

  • Susan Moe says:

    Straight from your heart to ours:)! Love it!

  • Lori Strantz says:

    If I could reach through this screen and hug you I would but it will just have to wait till I see you again.

    When I hear the word inspire….I think of you.


  • Sonia Diaz-Ebadi says:

    Oh my gosh Jenny!! Love this so much.

  • At yesterday’s Dream Foundation Flower Empower luncheon, the Executive Director Kisa Heyer shared some amazing statistics about giving sick people flowers actually improved their health outcomes! Your instincts are right on track, Jenny. Keep it up!

  • Glo says:

    You are Fabulous, Jenny…Inside and Out . . . you are Fabulous . . . I want to post this page to my FB in hopes that maybe most of my FB Fam will get the message LOUD & CLEAR . . . SPREAD THE LOVE . . . again, you are FABULOUS, JENNY . . . p.s. I truly believed that my regular FB use was causing me actual physical illness, not to mention, mental/emotional harm . . . I tried to ween myself off of it so I could “come back to life” – but, unfortunately, my great love for my family was to strong to keep me away for more than a week or so… we all live far from each other & have busy family lives, so this was my only way of getting to see/hear from them…but, of course, all the absolutely horrible negativity was just too much for me, who, like you, love others too much . . . I am “a work in progress” . . . God Bless You So Much, Jenny . . . 🙂