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No ego. No attitude. All encouragement, all the time.

By August 23, 2017February 19th, 2018Community, Guest Blogs, Schatzle Stories

I love the Jenny Schatzle Program. I smile the moment I walk in because the energy in that room is always so positive. The workout is universal. Any age, any shape, any size. It’s great for girls, it’s great for guys, it’s great for anyone who wants to feel good physically AND mentally. No ego. No attitude. All encouragement, all the time.

The classes are filled with friendly and enthusiastic members. The front desk staff are always smiling. The coaches are all highly talented and extremely motivating.

You can only fill a room with this much love if it comes from the top down. Jenny Schatzle lives and breathes her message. She was born to inspire people. Anyone who has ever meet her knows she is a truly authentic person with a huge heart.

I’ve been coming to the Jenny Schatzle Program for over a year now. The workouts deliver results and I think I have high fived more people during the year at JSP than all my years of team sports! I’m grateful that there is such an awesome place right here in Santa Barbara. I hope more people around the country and world will eventually be able to have their own personal JSP experience!