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How to stay happy and healthy during the holidays.

The Holidays used to be extremely stressful for me. I would obsess about the food, my family and keeping my fitness routine on course through it all. I’m going to be honest, just because we stay on track burning our calories and earning our Thanksgiving dinner doesn’t necessarily mean we are being healthy! The mind is just as important to take care of as the body and obsessing about calories burned and what we are eating can take away from the joy of the holidays.

I urge you this holiday season to change your perspective and leave behind the mentality of working out as hard as you can to undo the guilt around what you are eating. Instead of stressing over your workouts so you can “earn” your Thanksgiving dinner, choose to move because it helps release your stress and makes you feel better all around. The holidays are meant to be a time of family, fun and making memories.

When we change our perspective and realize any movement is good movement, working out becomes something fun and also something we can do as a family! When we take the power away from food and just relax and enjoy it without guilt or shame, we learn to enjoy ourselves and we teach our family to do the same!

This has become my new perspective. Not only for the holidays but in everyday life. I enjoy movement, both by myself and with my family. I no longer allow food to rule my life or my decisions, and I don’t obsess about what I am eating. I have come to change my relationship with food and movement, and in return it has changed my life!

As a mom of twin girls, a fitness leader and gym owner, I know how hard the body image, dieting, working out aspect of society is for women and this is why I am here to change the conversation. If we want better for our families we have to start leading by example. We as moms set the standard for how our kids view food, their own bodies and movement.

Changing the conversation starts with us. How about we start by losing the food and workout obsession and we make movement FUN and a family affair?! Don’t let the holidays and change of every day routine throw a wrench in your fitness regimen. Instead use this as a time to change your perspective, try new activities and even get your family moving with you! Here are my suggestions on 5 ways to stay active and fun with your family over the holidays.

5 ways to stay active and have fun with your family over the holidays:

1. Go hiking or for a nature walk as a family.
If you are traveling, search nearby trails or parks where you can take the family and do some exploring. Pack a lunch and have a picnic at the end of the trail or after an hour of walking. This is a chance to catch up as a family unit while moving.

2. A little family competition is good for the family dynamic!
Here is a 10-minute workout you can do as a family. Each move is 45 seconds. Write down how many you do, rest for 15 seconds, then go to the next move. This will not only create some sweat, it’s a great way to laugh, cheer and challenge everyone in the family!

Jumping Jacks _______
Squats _______
Push-ups _______
Crunches _______
Mountain Climbers_______
Lunges _______
High Knees _______
Chair Dips _______
Inner Thigh Squat _______ (Turns toes out, think plie position)
Plank _______

3. Do an new online workout!
The online workout world is now so easy and accessible. You can pay for programs or go to YouTube, type in the kind of workout you’re looking for (i.e cardio, abs, strength) and do a 30-minute workout from your phone! I have created a workout for busy moms that I do while my kids nap or play that is an easy, affordable option to do anywhere with no equipment. CLICK HERE  to learn more.

4. Create your own obstacle course.
Fitness is all around you. Just because you can’t make it to the gym or you’re missing your favorite class doesn’t mean you throw in the towel! Setting up an obstacle course for you and the family to play games is a great way to burn calories and create memories. Set up five stations that you do as a family.his can be done in the backyard, at the beach or even in the snow!

1. Set up cones or a similar object you’ve got around the house and have races back and forth.
2. Set a timer for 10-minutes and play a game of tag.
3. Draw a ladder on the sidewalk with chalk and do drills/quick footwork movements follow the leader style, where everyone has to follow and do exactly what the first person in line does. Change the lead person every round.
4. Under and over:Create a row of chairs and set your watch for 5-minutes. See how many rounds you can go under and over the chairs in a row!
5. DANCE PARTY! Play your favorite song and the whole family has to dance through the whole song.

5. LET GO.
The holidays are here and can be stressful enough on their own. Stop worrying about making everything perfect, including getting all your workouts in. Any movement is good movement! Play with your kids, go sledding, go to the beach and embrace your family time because it’s not something you can make up later.


Happy Holidays everyone,

I love you!