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You have all affirmed my belief that community changes people.

Most people would never know by looking at me, but if you were to tell 13-year-old Melanie that in 10 years she would run a mile, she would never have believed you. When I was 13 years old, I was diagnosed with a very aggressive type of polyarticular Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis. Due to complications of my disease I was in the hospital so much that I had to drop out of high school for a year and I was sent to hospitals across the country on multiple occasions because no one could figure out what was wrong with me. My…
Jenny Schatzle
July 23, 2017
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My NOT perfect birth story.

My NOT perfect birth story. My twin girls were born early at 30 weeks and five days. Yesterday I saw a friend posted on Instagram, the birth of his beautiful baby girl. The pictures were incredible. His wife delivered naturally, he got to help in the delivery of his baby, and immediately after, they put their first child on her chest. Both parents were able to cherish that moment, in what seemed like a magazine article on the picture perfect child birth. I burst out crying. Selfishly, I was NOT crying out of happiness for them, I was crying out of…
Jenny Schatzle
July 1, 2017

A Challenge That Changed A Community #SpreadTheLove

Regardless of how you feel about social media, it’s here, it’s part of our lives and let’s be honest we may say we hate it... but we are all still looking at it! A couple of weeks ago I had enough while looking through my newsfeed. Seeing nothing but negativity, people arguing with one another, endless stories about everything that is going wrong in the world and all the hatred people have for one another. How do people have so much time on their hands to be fighting with one another on Instagram and seriously has anyone ever changed another…
Jenny Schatzle
May 17, 2017