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Overcoming insecurity about my body.

My client and friend, Jezaira Knight, pleasantly surprised me when she put out a blog post to the world about a very personal subject: body insecurities. We can all relate to feeling insecure about our bodies. I find it so inspiring when people take back control over their lives, their body, and the critical voice in the mind. Please take 5 minutes to read this week’s guest blog. - Jenny Schatzle Overcoming Insecurity About My Body I learned from others to be dissatisfied with my body. I let other people’s viewpoints of what’s acceptable define me. In turn, saw myself through…
Jenny Schatzle
March 15, 2017
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Why I quit dieting.

Fulfillment in life doesn’t come from losing weight. True happiness is not found in the number on the scale or on your pants. Willpower and strength doesn’t come from how long you can go without carbs – and depleting yourself of your time, energy, and self-worth. I know this from my own experience with body and food issues. We diet because we think it will make us happy, yet when we diet the message we tell our body that it is not good enough and WE are not good enough. My goal in life is to disrupt society. I want…
Jenny Schatzle
March 1, 2017


Last week, I gave a speech about owning who you are and how this related to confidence in business AND ourselves. When I was finished, the first question someone asked was, “Where do you get confidence, and how does someone build confidence?”  As I have never been asked this before so I was caught a little off guard and said, “Now that is a great question!” I’m going to be honest, I have to work on confidence every day. Even today, I still get scared before every speech, and it doesn’t matter if I’m speaking to 10 people or 10,000.…
Jenny Schatzle
February 8, 2017