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I AM RUNNER. I am not a fast runner or a competitive runner, but I am a runner.  When I run, I like to high-five strangers and wave at cars that let me go by. I say good morning and smile to everyone I pass even when I don’t get it back (which is often)! Sometimes I listen to books, podcasts, or music. Other runs I like to think, observe, listen, and even record my thoughts that end up in these blogs! I RUN FOR ME. On the day of my wedding, I went for a run on the beach to get…
Jenny Schatzle
November 30, 2016
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“One rule…NO crying!”

You truly never know what someone is going through. Today I want to share Ellen’s story with you. It was last year when I received this email from Ellen Benner: “I will not be able to finish the last three weeks of this session and would like to donate my last three weeks to someone who needs the financial support and earns it!  Why you ask? Because I need to kick some cancer ass! Yesterday right before class I learned I have low-grade submandibular gland cancer.  Basically it’s cancer of the salivary glands, which makes up for 1% of the cancers in…
Jenny Schatzle
November 22, 2016
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If we want to talk physical transformations, mine's easy. I am the most fit I have ever been from this program. I came in unable to do one push-up and now I can do thirty (or more!); I came in feeling like my body was in the way of me being my best, and now feeling physically powerful and strong is part of my daily life. I haven't lost one pound, but inches have melted off and I haven't even noticed. I don't even know how many inches or how much body fat I've lost. I haven't noticed because I can…
Jenny Schatzle
July 17, 2016