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  Behold the power of Santa Barbara! Yesterday morning, over 200 people came together for a local teen who has become paralyzed. Vendors came out, DJs, photographers, families, friends, kids... and in 1 hour we raised $4,567!!!! I’m in AWE of this town. Much love, Jenny
December 11, 2015
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What we do at the Jenny Schatzle Program is so much more than working out. I want you to meet my friend Tara Ford. She is a lawyer, wife, mother to two beautiful young girls, and a cancer survivor. Tara walked into my office this morning all smiles after a kickass Schatzle workout. She asked if I had a minute and her smile quickly turned into glossy eyes. I felt my stomach drop and my own eyes start to get teary; I knew what was coming. Tara said, “Jenny I need you to know what you do here is so much…
Jenny Schatzle
November 1, 2015